How do I contact you?

You can call me on my cell at 478.808.4241 or email me at

Why should I use Lisa Dickens Photography?

Photography is my career and passion. I take every precaution to make sure I capture the images you deserve.  Additionally, I am fully insured. (This is very important, be sure to ask other photographers if they are insured.)  I can provide you with references and am happy to give you access to full galleries of my work.

What is your travel and lodging policy?

I love to travel!  Usually, I do not charge a travel fee for portrait sessions, and wedding packages over si (6) hours include travel.  If your session or wedding/event is more than 125 miles from my office there is a $100/night lodging fee.

Why are your packages so reasonable?

The simple answer is that I have lower overhead than most. I work “in the field” and out of my home, so I don’t incur high commercial rent costs. I have considered renting studio space, but to do so would increase package costs by 100 -200%. I feel that everyone deserves high-quality photography without going into debt. Don’t mistake higher prices with higher quality — peruse the galleries, read the testimonials, and speak to my clients. You will see that I  produce some of the finest photography in the area!

Why is wedding photography always so much more expensive?

Weddings are incredibly time consuming and require a lot of back-up equipment, which is very expensive. One camera can cost over $3000 and seasoned photographers have multiple cameras. There are tripods, memory cards, batteries and flashes. On a typical wedding I can have up to $600 in out of pocket expenses just in additional photography help and batteries. Then there’s the stress on the photographer(s) who is running around and challenged with not missing any of the details. It’s physically and mentally draining. After the wedding is over, there are hours of file transfers and back-ups, and each wedding takes about 15 hours to process for the first stage of the online proofing. After the order is placed, another 20 hours will be put into touching-up the photos that are ordered. Of course, there are the professional lab costs the photographer has to pay to get your photos printed too (we don’t use the Walgreens one-hour photo lab). So, when you see the price of wedding photography, maybe this will help explain why they cost more.

Do you offer online ordering?

Yes! You can share your online proofs with friends and family all over the world and they can order any print, enlargement or gift that they need. Best of all, the order will be shipped directly to their house. We’ve built in fun features like “post to Facebook” and “email to a friend” and even a comment section. This is a great service and I have had lots of positive feedback.

Are you insured?

That’s a great question, and YES I am fully insured. If you desire, I can show you the policy during our consultation.

What should I wear to my family/senior session?

Bright colors always look awesome. Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Blues and Pinks are always beautiful in portraits. With an outdoor session, it’s a good idea to stay away from green and all white clothing. If you are planning a family session with multiple people be sure to coordinate colors and don’t wear lots of patterns.

Do you print your own photos?

This is VERY important! I do NOT print my own photos. Even though I use a completely digital process to capture and prepare your photos, the prints are still developed in an out-of-state professional photo lab using chemical processing on equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This truly gives us the best of both worlds and gives you photos to last a lifetime. Digitally printed photos may look “OK” for a year or two, but typically don’t have the same quality, color depth, or longevity.